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Families Before Profits: Research & Action

Artwork by Layfierre Mitchell Free Telephone and Video Calls Research demonstrates that regular contact is crucial to an incarcerated person’s mental health during confinement, as well as their ability to successfully reintegrate upon release. Providing free telephone calls is not a solution to over-incarceration, but is a key to maintaining contact with families and friends.… Continue reading Families Before Profits: Research & Action

Family Connections = Keys to Reentry

The above community mural, named "The Passage," in the Exit Lobby of the Louisville Metro Jail portrays a bridge to the outside, images of loved ones, connections with nature, winds of change, prayers, and peace. The following letter was written by the Louisville Family Justice Advocates Work Team (Annette Bridges, Leslie Clements, Judi Jennings, Shelton… Continue reading Family Connections = Keys to Reentry

“We Are Not Collateral Consequences”

Children of incarcerated parents are some of the most resilient children, profoundly impacted by a justice system that hardly acknowledges us. It is time to share our voices and experiences of the consequences of our unjust system, so that we can lead the way to meaningful reform. Isabel Coronado, Next100 Policy Leader Because “children are… Continue reading “We Are Not Collateral Consequences”

Ten Reasons Why Phone Calls From Jail Should Be Free

1. Recognizing and honoring our collective humanity is the right thing to do. 2. Maintaining family connections supports health and wellbeing for both children and their incarcerated loved ones. 3. Strong family connections support successful re-entry when loved ones return home. 4. Staying connected with loved ones reduces children’s stress levels. 5.  It is a… Continue reading Ten Reasons Why Phone Calls From Jail Should Be Free

Humanity, Transparency, and Accountability

Demanding action from Louisville Metro Department of Corrections On October 5th, LFJA Board members, Special Project art activity leaders and community advocates wrote a letter to the Director and Assistant Director of Louisville Metro Department of Corrections (LMDC). With video visiting suspended since March 13th and no consistent public information concerning COVID-19 cases inside the… Continue reading Humanity, Transparency, and Accountability

On May 29, 2020, a woman with her fist in the air stands on a street in Louisville, KY. Behind her crowds gather for a protest in support of Breonna Taylor.

Photography by Layfierre Mitchell

On May 29th, when people in Louisville and across the nation marched in protest of the most recent police killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, LFJA community photographer Layfierre Mitchell knew it was a historic moment. He "stands behind the movement," he says, because "he is living the movement" and "some people have to… Continue reading Photography by Layfierre Mitchell