Update on Action Items for LMDC

CONTACT LFJA familyjusticeadvocates@gmail.com to volunteer to as a Strategy Advisor for these 3 Action Items:

  1. public release of the LMDC Data Dashboard
  2. Public plan for decent health care for people inside the jail
  3. Expediting FREE Phone calls for families with incarcerated loved ones

Thanks to everyone who contact Matthew Golden, Metro Chief of Public Services, who oversees Corrections about the tragic and unacceptable deaths in the Jail

In a stakeholder’s meeting on January 14th, Chief Golden: 
* Acknowledged the “horrible” loss of the five human lives.
* Announced that the Mayor added $2 million to the $8 million WellPath Health contract and hired an in-house medical doctor to monitor their services.
* Referred to a new data dashboard being developed to track overcrowding in the Jail, but did not say when the information will be made public.

While Chief Golden responded to some of our concerns, there is still much to do to advance the humanity and transparency of LMDC. 

Community mural in the Exit Lobby made by families with incarcerated loved ones, incarcerated artists, LMDC staff members and community groups led by visual artist Joyce Odgen and photographer Mary Yates.

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